SARMs are the latest innovative supplement to gain traction within the bodybuilding industry. Despite still being in their infancy, they have garnered overwhelmingly positive reactions, with our independent research showing that over 97% of users saw an increase in strength during their training.

The term ‘SARMs’ refers to Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Androgen is naturally produced by the body as it is vital to building skeletal muscle mass. Therefore, causing the body to produce more androgen can enhance the ability to create lean muscle, improve bone density, and promote fat loss.

SARMs work by binding to the androgen receptors in the body. The influx of androgens that are produced as a result of SARMs use can cause the body to build muscle at a significantly quicker rate by promoting the anabolic state. This reduces the rate of muscle breakdown during training whilst allowing you to retain mass. This means that muscles will repair without a period of being broken down.

As a result of this, SARMs can be incredibly effective at reducing muscle wasting. This makes them ideal for anyone who is trying to maintain muscle whilst on a cut, something which can often prove to be quite difficult.

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